Summer Recovery For Your Car

Fall has sprung. That’s a saying right? Regardless, the carefree days of summer are officially over. Fall means colder weather, hauling the kids to school, raking leaves off the lawn and a whole slough of new and exciting chores to take on with all the free time you have.

What’s one more thing you could add to the list? Help your car recover from everything it went through this summer. After vacuuming the sand out of the carpet and scrubbing suntan lotion out of the seats, add these items to the list of things to help your car move on from summer and prepare for fall.

Here’s a lineup of tips to help you and your car recover from some of summer’s most damaging effects:

Brunt Out Wipers

Seeing tiny pieces of rubber chipping off of your wiper blades? Blame the summer sun.

The heat dries out your wipers and causes them to crack, making them ineffective. With fall weather about to hit, working windshield wipers are going to be important when it comes to visibility in wet weather. Give your wipers a once-over to see if they’re ready for a replacement.

Look for any cracks in the rubber then test them out with your wiper fluid. If you see streaking or hear a chattering noise, you’re probably ready for a new set of wipers.

Having your wipers replaced is a fairly easy and relatively cheap fix, but it makes a huge difference. Not being able to see while driving is kind of a problem, right? Don’t have time to do it yourself? Great news, we do that!

High Miles

When it comes to taking one of those Great American Road Trips we always remember the good times, thanks to all the pictures, videos, and funny stories. But there aren’t too many people who like to recall the time their car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Oh, and if that pesky check engine light flares to life at any time during or after your trip, be sure to bring your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as you can. It’s better (and typically cheaper) to catch something when it’s small than to wait and hope nothing goes wrong.

Battery Drainage

Pop quiz: Can you name the outside force that can affect a battery’s lifespan more than anything else? Go ahead, take a minute. We’ll still be here.

You probably already know the answer, but just in case, it’s extreme temperatures.

Heat from the summer sun is known to cause more corrosion and general wear and tear than extreme cold. We can run a simple health test on your battery now to help you avoid having to ask a stranger for a jump later.

Tread Loss

It comes as no shock that driving wears down a tire, but did you know heat can cause expedited tread loss?

When you get close to 3-digit temperatures, tire pressure has a tendency to rise in tires. Not sure how much tire pressure is right for your tire? For most automobiles, the recommended pressure levels can be found on the inside of the driver-side door.

Not sure what else your car might need to recover from summer? That’s okay, there’re a lot of moving parts (literally). Fortunately, we’re more than happy to help.

Bring your ride down to our shop, then, when we’re done, you can check out the fall colors with confidence.

Article Source: Good Year Auto Service

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